At Hook Research, we have years of experience providing strategic research insights to companies across many different fields. However, we have gained particular experience in the following areas and look forward to bringing this expertise to your next project.

Driving your advertising story

We work with companies to help them understand and monetise their audience.

Hook Research’s strategic research insights help companies connect with consumers and craft an advertiser friendly story. Our work has repeatedly led to products generating increased interest from advertisers and growing brands’ ad premiums.

International research

We provide strategic research insights that help brands build a coherent presence globally and nationally.

Our regular international work means that we have the ingredients to help influence decision-making at the highest level. We really get to know local markets and understand the global context of brands and products, regardless of location.

New content development

We are experts at launching and re-launching media products.

Hook Research’s senior team has many years of experience guiding the creation of new products. Over the years, we’ve worked on prize-winning television programming, ground-breaking online content, and profitable brand extensions.

Engagement with digital

We understand the digital world and can guide strategy in a way that grows profitability and margins.

Exploring new ways digital can support existing traditional products, generating a deep understanding of current and potential audiences, contextualising services, and assessing gaps in the market all contribute to Hook Research’s holistic approach to developing digital projects.

Brand consultancy

We help media and FMCG clients maximise the power of their brands.

Our distinct research involves a blend of strategic thinking, consumer understanding, and sensitivity to different cultures. This has helped us to guide the development of some of the world’s most famous brands.

Kids (under 12)

We are experts at understanding the real worlds of kids.

Our senior team comprises trained teachers and counsellors, and since Hook Research’s inception we have been in regular conversation with hundreds of kids, parents and teachers to better understand their needs. These strategic research insights have directly helped our clients develop prize-winning kid’s media and products.

Youth (12-24)

We understand the youth market and how to build excitement in this hard to reach audience.

To tap into young peoples’ real thoughts, Hook Research has developed a range of insightful methodologies. These techniques allow young people to clearly express themselves and have helped us produce surprising and actionable consumer insights for our clients.