Consumer insights & brand strategy

What we do

Hook Research is a London based content development specialist and market research agency. We are proud to provide consumer insights and brand strategy to some of the biggest organisations across media, youth, and entertainment.

From our home in the vibrant borough of Brixton, in the heart of London, Hook Research provides expert guidance to media, youth, and entertainment brands all over the world. Using our innovative 4D Methodology (and a combination of traditional and cutting-edge techniques), we’ve helped create BAFTA-winning programming, lucrative merchandising models, and innovative content strategies.

Our clients

Hook has heritage working on insight products for the biggest media brands in the UK and globally. As Hook has grown, we’ve broadened our client list beyond media, working with both innovative, young companies as well as respected, classic businesses to help them understand their audiences and power up their brands.

Talking Human

We think that the best research happens when you put consumers at the heart of your work – and that’s exactly what we strive to do with each project. We’re always Talking Human: This means keeping consumers at the heart of our work; talking to audiences in a respectful, engaging way; and creating real conversations that deliver actionable insights for our clients. Is your interest piqued? Learn more about how we apply the Talking Human ethos in our blog!


Ben Marsden, Channel 4Head of Audience Research & Insight

“Hook have a wealth of experience across many sectors, as well as a deep reservoir of knowledge of the content, industry context and audiences in television. Hook appreciates the eddies and currents that flow between creative priorities and commercial prerogatives within the industry, and how to navigate them sensitively.”

Heather Pople, SkyHead of Content Strategy & Planning

“The team at Hook combine qualities that I look for in an agency: creative approaches delivered on time and within budget. In particular, their jargon free insights have delivered analysis that is actually used within the business, rather than sitting on the shelf.”

Tim Ewington, Shortlist MediaStrategy Director

“Hook have been fundamental in helping us construct a compelling, fresh understanding of modern man. Their work has not only helped us develop ShortList’s editorial thinking, it has also contributed to a great advertiser story, which we have already shared with over 250 potential clients.”

Jack Fryer, Universal MusicDirector of Research & Planning

“Hook is a first-class agency. They have consistently delivered the goods: sure-footed moderation, attentive client servicing and - most importantly - outputs that go well beyond basic reportage. What sets them apart is their ability to quickly contextualise findings within both a commercial and a cultural context.”

David Benabo, Channel 4Content Research Manager

“Working with Hook is a pleasure, with the team always understanding what our objectives are and offering creative and innovative ways to achieve them. Their ability to produce clear and instructional insights mixed with extensive knowledge of the TV industry means that a collaboration with Hook always helps inform both strategic and creative decision-making.”

Jeremy Nye, JUST EATBusiness Intelligence

“Hook Research sharpened the original brief and delivered a terrific profile of these undervalued and fascinating people. In particular, Hook's engaging video portrait transformed drivers from shadowy figures in the periphery to people with clear personalities and motivations. Our strategic priorities in this area are now far clearer. We will be looking for more opportunities to engage Hook in future.”

Jenna Walcott, Canopy MediaMarketing Director

“At Canopy Media we sincerely believe in the power of print, and feel it is incumbent upon us to protect our main market. To prove its effectiveness, and to challenge common misperceptions, we commissioned research with industry experts to explore their attitudes to print and the power of the medium going forward. This was a key project for us, and the engaging video Hook produced is currently the centre-piece of the Canopy website, reinforcing the power of print in a digital world. We’re incredibly pleased with Hook’s design-led approach to research (and their quick turnaround!) – we’ll certainly be using this video to drive our marketing moving forward!”