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Hook powers up media companies & youth brands with audience led market research, strategy and insight.

We help your brand understand its audience and stand out in an increasingly competitive world

We know it’s a challenge to build and sustain brands and products that continue to reflect the needs of modern audiences.

That’s why we’re here – based in the vibrant heart of Brixton, London, but with global reach, we deliver insights that will help your brand meet the shifting expectations of your consumers.

Our dynamic team cares deeply about what we do, carrying decades of expertise and a lifetime of passion. We’re tasked by the UK’s biggest media companies to deliver the research and strategy behind their biggest brands and content.

When your success depends on fresh new ideas and perspectives, we’re the hook you need.


Bafta-winning programming,

Lucrative merchandising models,

& trailblazing content strategies…

It’s why brands like these trust us with their most esteemed products & productions

How do we keep our edge?
Razor sharp thinking

We are endlessly curious about the ebb and flow of consumers lives. Here we publish the best thoughts from the minds of our expert team.

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