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The company driving insights for the world’s biggest brands

50 years of experience and still obsessed

We’re made up of a senior team of market researchers and strategists, supported by a hand-picked group of national and international recruiters, copywriters, graphic designers, semioticians, and quantitative specialists.

With over 50 years of client and agency experience, we have a strong commercial awareness and have helped produce prize-winning creative content for some of the biggest brands across the world.

Continually evolving our expertise

Since launching in 2012, our goal has always been to use research and strategy to help brands uncover the wants, cares and needs of their audiences – their ‘hook’.

We’ve always delivered amazing qualitative and quantitative research for our clients. As the media landscape has evolved, so does our toolkit; we’ve expanded our methodologies to include cutting-edge techniques like advanced semiotics, machine learning, passive tracking and Googlebox ethnography.

Partnering with people

We’re a trusted partner agency to a wide range of clients because we go beyond just understanding your business challenges– we understand the teams & individuals commissioning the research.

This enables us to craft work that’s tailored and more meaningful to you, giving you insights you can really use to make a huge impact. 

Research with impact

Our research has been the backbone of hit TV shows, and ground-breaking podcasts; it has underpinned new product development across tech and media and powered the evolution of huge streaming services; we have produced award winning audience analyses and white papers about culture.

Hook’s brand values

Our mission has always been to use research and strategy to help brands uncover the wants, cares and needs of their audiences – their ‘hook’ .

Our brand values underpin all of our research, ensuring we continue to understand your audience and how best to appeal to them in a fast-changing media world.


We put your audience at the forefront of our strategy, ever mindful of the human beings behind the statistics. 


We employ advanced techniques & intelligent minds to extract meaningful insights.


We think outside the box to craft unique research methods and come up with ground-breaking results


We’re driven by an unending curiousity, continuously seeking new ways to understand and appeal to audiences.


We go beyond the brief, determined to deliver truly outstanding, actionable insights.

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Moving the industry forward

Our expertise doesn’t just stop at research. Our passion has elevated the Hook Team into industry thought leaders. Catch us at conferences, skim through our thought-provoking pieces, or subscribe to our widely-respected monthly newsletters.

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