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Women's Sport
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No Longer On The Sidelines: Women’s Sport Isn’t Playing Around

Can you name 5 players in women’s sport? How about 10? Now, think about it – how long would it take you to come up with the names of 10 men in sport? This question alone can tell a story about the undervalued history of women’s sport. Traditionally, men’s sport…
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Gen Z consumers
Consumer InsightTeen & Youth

The Millennial Anomaly – Gen Z and Gen X are more similar than you think

We’ve all seen the news pieces. Millennials can’t afford to buy homes because of their obsession with avocado toast. Young people nowadays are too busy staring at their phones to maintain a job. Gen Z’s lack of loyalty is causing the downfall of established brand names. Very often, younger generations…
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Red Bull and Grime
Brand StrategyMedia ResearchTeen & Youth

Meet the Clever Clash-ologists: Red Bull and Grime Music

In 2007, David Cameron made headlines by blaming Grime music for knife crime. Ten years later this genre has become a widely accepted part of mainstream British culture. With its new-found popularity, Grime is now ripe for bandwagon-jumping brands: Nike and Adidas, for instance, have all created campaigns in the…
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UK Podcasts 2019
Brand StrategyTeen & Youth

UK Podcasts in 2019: Entering the Mainstream

Earlier this month, Spotify announced an earth-shaking move into podcasting. With its acquisition of Gimlet Media and Anchor – two major players in podcasts – the music streaming service is set to bring pods to a much wider audience. Spotify will reportedly pay $230 million for Gimlet, the largest acquisition…
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Sex Education
Media Research

The United Kingdom of Netflix: Here Comes One-Size-Fits-All Media

Last week, as I was aimlessly scrolling through Netflix, lazily allowing my eyes to pass over Oscar-nominated box office smash here, internationally-acclaimed crime drama there, I came across an original show called Sex Education. This struck me as a rather odd title to begin with – I wondered whether the…
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Urban comedy
Media ResearchTeen & Youth

Mandem Media: ‘Comedy Has Never Been This Peng’

‘‘All the suit wearing guys in cities can't stand us. They don't understand us. When we speak in slang like this. You get me; bredin; cuz; bredrin; bradda; bredin; safe; bredrin; you get me; bredrin; cuz; bredrin; bradda; bredrin; we speak in slang like this’’. These are the lyrics of…
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Boxy Girls
Brand StrategyKids Media

Boxy Girls – Unboxing Kids Trends in 2019

With Christmas over and the new year firmly underway, one gift kids have been receiving this festive period represents current kids trends better than any other – Boxy Girls. At first glance, Boxy Girls might seem no different from the innumerable other brands in your average toy shop. Bratz, Barbie…
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Social Media Trends in 2019

Fully Transparent & Shoppable? Social Media Trends in 2019

What will be the biggest social media trends in 2019? Hook investigates the innovations that are set to take over social media platforms in the coming year. 2018 has been a transformative year for social media. With mass security breaches, data scandals and world leaders airing their disputes for all…
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Media Research

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – How Reality TV Escaped Its Nasty Past

­If asked about the main components of a hit reality show, most people might suggest celebrity spats, humiliating tasks and plenty of controversy. And while the tasks on this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here have been sufficiently testing for contestants, the show has a…
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Kids MediaMedia Research

Viral kids songs – earworms for adults and kids alike

In the past few years a massive trend has been sweeping across YouTube – Viral Kids Songs. This trend isn’t brand new, of course, as YouTube has been known for its viral content since its launch back in 2005. Iconic videos like Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain and Numa…
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Each month, Hook's experts create a roundup of hot takes and insights into the Kids and Media industries... for free!

This information will never be shared with third parties.