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Where to, Britain? – Is Uber’s new branded content a success?

Where to, Britain? is a 6-part documentary series created by Channel 4 and Uber, showcasing vignettes about the ride-hailing app’s drivers and riders – you may have seen one or two of them on All4 or YouTube. These videos have shown up at the end of a contentious year for…
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New and proven media
Media Research

Striking a balance between new and proven media in the UK

Houseparty, Snapchat, Podcasts, YouTube - there are many different ways that UK audiences can now consume content and engage with the brands they love. But while brands need to engage with these new and emerging forms of content, they also need to keep one-eye on the past - making sure…
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Children's Media Conference 2018
Kids Media

Children’s Media Conference 2018 – Big Lessons from Niche Memes

We're proud to announce that Hook Research will be hosting a panel at the Children's Media Conference 2018, exploring how brands can keep on top of new and emerging kids trends. Our co-founder, Nick Fisher, will be moderating the discussion and joining us on the stage will be: Marc Goodchild, Head of…
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Podcasts 2018 - Hook Research
Media Research

What can brands learn from UK podcasts in 2018?

What do listeners want from UK podcasts in 2018? And how can brands best operate in this intimate audio space? Those are the questions Hook Research set out to answer in our new research into the UK podcast market. This research began with a series of conversations: chats with some…
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Brand Strategy

A marketplace for unique stories: Exploring the Etsy brand

Raaheel recently joined the Hook Research team as a Research Manager. We asked him to share his thoughts on a brand that he thought was offering a particularly strong voice in the consumer space. For those of you who have not yet come across the app or website, Etsy is…
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Brand StrategyKids Media

Brands using memes: Keeping up with youth trends in 2018

Here at Hook Research we’re fascinated by the evolution of language and the myriad different ways people of all ages are communicating in 2018. In the past 10 years emojis, hashtags, acronyms and memes have become key methods of expression, and slang and shortcuts are now fundamental to the way…
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Pret - Brand Strategy
Brand StrategyHook News

Creating a Compassionate Brand: Thoughts from Hook’s New Starter

Imogen is Hook's new content and strategy executive. At Hook Research, we're always thinking about the brands that inspire and challenge us. To get her started, we've asked Imogen to share her thoughts on a brand that is getting her excited in 2018. Finding compassion among the cappuccinos The first…
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The Power of Print - Hook Research
Media Research

Trust & Tactility: The Power of Print in a Digital World

How strong is the power of print in a primarily digital world? That's the question Hook Research were tasked with answering for Canopy Media - the UK's biggest media inserts sales house. In this project, we spoke with senior figures across a number of industries - from media companies like the Guardian,…
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Young Women in 2018 - Hook Research
Consumer Insight

Sex-Ed & #SideProfileSelfies: What’s driving young women in 2018?

What's driving young women in 2018? What topics are they talking about? What platforms are getting them excited? And how can brands tap into this? These are questions that I'm often asked to consider in my work at Hook Research. I'm lucky enough to frequently sit down with incredible women…
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International Women’s Day 2018 - Hook Research
Qualitative Market Research

“Flexibility aids productivity” – International Women’s Day 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 , I had the pleasure of taking part in a special episode of Perspectives, in association with WIRe (Women in Research). This female-only vlog explored the key changes and commitments that companies can make to best support women in the workplace and it was…
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