Children’s Media Conference 2018 – Big Lessons from Niche Memes

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May 29, 2018



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Children's Media Conference 2018

We’re proud to announce that Hook Research will be hosting a panel at the Children’s Media Conference 2018, exploring how brands can keep on top of new and emerging kids trends.

Our co-founder, Nick Fisher, will be moderating the discussion and joining us on the stage will be:

  • Marc Goodchild, Head of Digital Content Strategy & Product – Turner EMEA
  • Stuart Rowson, Head of Discovery – BBC Children’s
  • Iain Sawbridge, Chief Marketing Officer – Beano Studios

Children's Media Conference 2018What lessons can we learn from niche memes at the Children’s Media Conference 2018

Growing up in the internet age, today’s young people know that different platforms require different voices: What you write on your family-friendly Facebook page is different to what’s shared on Snapchat with your mates. Similarly, well-loved YouTubers are a known quantity when it comes to the voices and content they deliver on their channels.

Language is also rapidly evolving and changing. Apps (like Houseparty), platforms (YouTube), and emerging tech (Smart Speakers) offer new ways for young people to express themselves and engage with friends. At the same time, pictorial language like memes and emojis flash from cool, to ironically cool, to completely uncool in a matter of weeks.

In this ever-changing landscape, how can media brands and production companies create content and marketing that resonates with younger users? What voices and tones are connecting with Gen Z and Gen Alpha? And how should they evolve within the dynamic media environment?

To answer these questions, Hook Research will host a panel discussion with experts in the kids’ media industry, taking a forward-looking approach to explore the challenges and opportunities facing brands as they strive to create content and marketing that lands with young consumers.

Taking the conversation forward

At Hook Research, we spend a lot of time talking to kids about their favourite media, toys, and activities. If you have any questions about young people, why not get in touch? We’d love to take you out for a coffee and a chat. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for some extra insights before the conference!


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