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As a content development agency, Hook helps brands create content that gets audiences excited

It may be a cliche, but in today’s media landscape content really is king – but not all ‘content’ is created equal.

While daypart, mood, and marketing have historically influenced audiences’ content choices, modern consumers – with access to more content than ever before – have become even more discerning. Algorithms, platforms, and binge-worthiness are all impacting the way that audience choose and consume content. How can brands keep up?

At Hook, we’re experts at identifying the key behaviours underlying audience media consumption – and we use these to create actionable, production-minded insights that have helped brands across the media spectrum develop engaging, inspiring content.



Animations, Soaps, Dramas, Daytime, Fact Ent, Reality – across genre, day-part, and format, we help brands create engaging content that taps into all aspects of the TV landscape.


Audiences engage with digital content in myriad ways. We help brands create content that fits (and challenges) different digital needs, and delivers compelling cross-platform experiences.


From radio to podcasts and playlists – we work on them all! Listeners’ needs in these spaces are evolving, and our work helps brands keep up in this fascinating, dynamic space.


We have deep heritage in print – having worked with a range of publishers, newspapers, and magazines to help them re-orientate their content strategies in the new media landscape.


“Hook have a wealth of experience across many sectors, as well as a deep reservoir of knowledge of the content, industry context and audiences in television. Hook appreciates the eddies and currents that flow between creative priorities and commercial prerogatives within the industry, and how to navigate them sensitively.”

Ben Marsden – Channel 4

Head of Audience Research & Insight


Our work as a content development agency takes us across all the corners of the media landscape – and we bring this deep expertise to each project we undertake.

Beyond client work, Hook regularly conducts proprietary research into interesting areas of the content landscape (recent examples include mother/daughter TV moments and Kids Audio – podcasts, smart speakers/ voice, and audio books). We are also regularly asked by conferences and magazines to share our thoughts on what makes compelling content for modern audiences.

You can read some more examples of our work and thinking below – but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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