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Exciting times in Hook’s office as we have two new starters – Jess and Sam! To introduce them both, we’ve asked them to tell us a bit about their favourite brand voice, and what that says about the organisation behind it.

Let’s be frank, Frank is a bit of a flirt

Jess – Consumer Insight Manager

Frank Body has turned over $20 million in its first 18 months and is one of the fastest growing ecommerce start-ups around, largely fueled by its genius social media presence and marketing strategy. The beauty company has more than just a brand voice, it has a smooth male character that coaxes you into the shower with straight-to-the point, sweet talking sincerity and some damn good coffee.

The body scrub founders obviously have some strong consumer insights, appealing to their audience in a way that competitor brands haven’t quite understood yet – flattery.

Their human tone speaks to the audience with not only promises of supple skin, but also showers the consumer with compliments; Frank loves you anyway, scrubbed or unscrubbed. Frank wants you to know that you’re a babe and he just wants to take care of you, spoiling you with caffeine and high quality ingredients – only the best for his babes.  In fact, he’ll remind you at almost every opportunity he can get. When listing the ingredients of their signature Original Body Scrub, Frank gives a little info about the benefits of almond oil, opening with “Because I’m nuts about you – and your skin”. Whilst other beauty companies sell you their products by tapping into our insecurities, Frank makes you want to love your body. Instead of badgering you to subscribe to their newsletter, Frank would like to send you some love letters, because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

Brand Voice 2 - Hook Research Brand Voice - 3 - Hook Research

Frank is a non-threatening name, no more intimidating than your average Joe and, as a bonus, he comes with a bit of old school Prince Charming. He’s also the modern man, embracing all female forms and letting it be known all over Instagram. The team have done their brand research and know exactly how to create a cheeky persona that empowers women to love themselves.

Let’s be frank, Frank is just what the beauty industry has been looking for.

Smoothies, social media, and a solid brand voice

Sam – Insights and Engagement Manager

One of the strongest voices on social media right now must be Innocent Smoothies– if you haven’t checked out their Twitter feed yet, do yourself a favour and check it out. Go on, I’ll wait here.

Had a look? Isn’t it great?!

Cheeky yet wholesome – that’s how I’d define their tone. The self-aware commentary on their own tongue-in-cheek marketing not only makes for entertaining reading, but also sits really well with their brand voice as well.

Authenticity is a word often bandied about as the holy grail of brand identity, but Innocent manages to grasp this elusive prize with both hands, thanks in part to its brilliant social posts. Whenever a new tweet blips alive in my feed, I always feel like there is a real person sitting on the other end of the broadband cable. OK, I picture them wearing ethically-sourced flannel, chomping on whole fruits as the juices drip into their thick hipster beards… but a person all the same.

What’s important here, I think, is how the brand is willing to break the rules a bit in order to accentuate their humanity. Posting 11 tweets in the same number of minutes? No problem. Sharing watermarked stock images of a less-than-excited spaghetti connoisseur? Sure.

Innocent Tweets - Brand Voice - Hook Research Brand Voice - 2 - Hook Research

And – perhaps most interesting – there’s hardly a hashtag in sight. #NightMarketing is being pushed in some tweets, but there’s nothing near the #saturation you regularly see on corporate accounts. And this is pretty genius. Although hashtags are great for getting your tweets noticed by a wider audience, they’re hardly normal parlance (#TodayImUsing #EverydayHashtags #IsntThisGreat #TakingJokesTooFar #SorryNotSorry) and dropping them from the Innocent tweet vocabulary reiterates the humanness of their brand voice (Something we know well at Hook – go and check out our Talking Human approach to research).

So to wrap it all up – as a content development agency constantly questing to discover brands who are #TalkingHuman, we will definitely be keeping an eye of the splendid social accounts of Innocent Smoothies and the juicy posts they produce.

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Each month, Hook's experts create a roundup of hot takes and insights into the Kids and Media industries... for free!

This information will never be shared with third parties.