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We’re a kids and family research agency – specialists in crafting actionable insights 

At Hook, we are regularly tasked by brands to shed a light on the behaviours and interests of kids and families (not just in the UK, but around the world as well). Our work has helped create award-winning animations; develop engaging apps; roll-out industry-leading channel brands; and uncover the newest, most cutting-edge youth trends.

Content Development

We’re an industry leader in content development for young people – guiding development of award winning animations like the Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, and Miraculous (to name a few) as well as apps, books, magazines, games, and websites. If kids use it, we’ve tested it!

Shedding light on Kids’ Behaviours

What do young people think about the world they live in? How do they navigate through it? We’re expert at identifying youth behaviours and habits (both new and hold) and translating those into actionable, commercial insights for our different clients.

Developing Kids Brands

What are young people and parents looking for in their favourite brands? We regularly work with brands to better understand how they can best appeal to their young (and sometimes fickle) consumer-base – in terms of branding assets and cross-platform engagement strategies

Our work with kids & family clients

Kids Moderated Since Starting Hook

“When I commission Hook, I know I’m going to get top-quality insights into the kids and youth markets. Over the many years I’ve worked with them, Hook’s deep understanding of the modern kids content landscape and the commercial pressures within it – combined with their extensive experience moderating young people – has regularly produced compelling findings that have guided our content and strategic decision-making in this dynamic space.”

Ranja Mohyieldin - TurnerDirector Fan Engagement & Insights

Engaging with the kids & family space

We’re a kids and family research agency because we absolutely love speaking with young people (and their parents) about the media, brands, and products that inspire them! It’s a constantly changing landscape, and we have to always be on our toes to keep up with the latest trends. You can see some examples of our work below – but if you have any particular questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Case Study: Creating Cartoons that Young People Love – Turner/Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network wanted to reboot a well-loved cartoon and asked Hook to conduct some animation testing in order to help them better understand the appeal of the new content within five international markets…

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