Hook is regularly called upon by Channel 4 to help shed some light on the multifaceted face of the fact-ent landscape. Covering topics from families and friendship, to sex and social media our work has helped Channel 4 understand the talent, schedule, and content that lands with viewers. Our insights in this space have helped the channel continue to produce the cutting-edge programming its audiences expect.

Case Study: Shedding light on Channel 4's fact-ent programming


Hook was recently tasked with understanding how a new live-action format might fit into Channel 4’s Friday night viewing patterns and compete at a time dominated by quiz programmes and soaps.


To pinpoint growth opportunities in this space we combined a comprehensive social listening campaign with a multi-day online panel, exploring reactions to different content types. Fully immersing ourselves in viewers’ worlds, we then spent evenings in living rooms across the country, gaining a better understanding of Friday night TV habits and how a new programme might best cater to viewers’ needs.


Our research helped Channel 4 identify strengths and weaknesses in the tone, structure, and talent of the show and provided a clear sense of what audiences wanted from the Friday night slot. This project ensured that the broadcaster continues to deliver the top-quality programmes their viewers expect from the channel.