Hook’s consumer-focused approach to new product development has consistently delivered insights that have helped teams around the world generate new products with the highest possible quality. Working across digital, broadcast, and print, our research reveals the trends currently shaping each industry, tapping into audience networks in order to get to the heart of current market drivers.

Case Study: Testing Powerful New Print Content for DC Thomson


DC Thomson initially asked Hook to explore initial reactions to a potential magazine concept. However, the research quickly expanded into a more holistic project that examined the new content from concept through to the dummy stage, and shed light on the types of readers that would most fully engage with this new product.


The project began with an extensive desk research phase into the current print landscape. This was followed by two waves of consumer-facing research. In the first stage, we tested the initial concept via pre-tasking activities before gathering respondents into in-home workshops. These workshops were powered-up by separate taste-maker sessions: highly-curated groups of respondents whose broad media diets and life experiences enabled them to hold frank dialogues about their lives and needs. In the second stage of the research, we worked with DC Thomson to develop a full dummy magazine and then tested this with the target demographic in workshops.


Hook’s insights guided DC Thomson in the creation of a comprehensive launch strategy. This work not only revealed how DC Thomson’s new content could be further developed before launch, but also how it could be best positioned to stand out and fill a very real gap in the highly saturated and competitive print media landscape.