Exploring new ways digital can support traditional products; situating those products within the existing platform landscape; and assessing gaps in the market all contribute to Hook’s holistic approach to developing digital projects. We understand that each brand is unique and that consumers expect different things from different engagements online – that’s why each of our research projects is bespoke and built from the ground up.

Case Study: What inspires readers to contribute to the Guardian?


To power-up its investigation of new revenue sources, the Guardian asked Hook to explore the language around donation and how the paper could most persuasively engage with its readers (on their website, app, and in their paper).


Having a conversation about an abstract topic such as language can be difficult. To ground the research, we first created an interactive panel to focus on real examples of digital donations – probing on the messaging that users frequently encountered online. This panel laid a strong foundation for subsequent group depths, allowing us to comprehensively discuss the most persuasive messaging – and the nuances around what does and does not work – as well as the impact of this language on the publisher’s online brand.


Our research revealed key components of the Guardian’s messaging that landed most strongly with readers. It helped the Guardian create a powerful messaging campaign that connected with consumers and (most importantly) galvanised their readers to donate to the Guardian.