Personas and segmentations can be powerful tools – but only if they allow you to better connect with your target market. At Hook, our in-house team of videographers, designers, and editors use professional video, beautiful graphics, and bespoke presentations to bring your audiences to life. Our work ensures that marketing, commercial, and development teams have clear and authentic pictures of customers to guide decision-making.

Case Study: Shedding Light on the World of Just Eat’s Delivery Drivers


Just Eat has a crystal clear picture of the thousands of restaurant partners they work with each day. However, as delivery drivers are hired by the restaurants – and thus remain outside of the aggregator’s eyeline – who they are and what they might want from a brand like Just Eat was less understood. To shed light on these drivers, Just Eat commissioned Hook to explore their worlds and provide a clearer picture of how Just Eat might better cater to this group’s distinct needs (in terms of marketing and holistic services).


To fully understand the lives of these individuals, we first created an online community in which drivers across the delivery industry could freely talk about their professional motivations and goals. To gain a more holistic view of these individual’s unique worlds, Hook then travelled across the country to speak with these drivers in their homes and follow them along their delivery routes. We paired this one-on-one research with a quantitative survey to flesh out six distinct personas, which were then brought to life with professionally shot video and Meet the Audience sessions held at Just Eat HQ.


Hook’s research into delivery drivers allowed Just Eat to gain a clearer understanding of the motivations and passions of this distinct group, and has formed a crucial part of Just Eat’s strategic thinking in this area going forward.