At Hook, we understand brands. Across broadcast, print, and digital, we’ve performed sectorial reviews and run development workshops for brands in all of the major segments of the media industry. To really appreciate the brand at a granular level, we deep-dive into the essential, nuanced components of the brand (from its purpose to its identity) as well as its context within the industry. This process enables us to clearly conceptualise the identity of the brand, understand how it compares with its competitors, and explore how it can successfully develop against targets going forward.

Case Study: Getting to the Heart of the Radio 1 Brand


Radio 1 was losing audience share to other young skewing commercial radio stations. They tasked Hook with exploring the listening lives of young people (spanning linear through to streaming and podcasts) and develop insights that would inform their strategy over the next 2 years.


To understand the totality of users’ listening lives, we started the project by speaking to tastemakers and experts who gave us a nuanced picture of the audio landscape (and where radio fits in). We then used our unique Go-Pro ethnography to explore how radio was listened to in the moment – a process that asked listeners to log the audio highlights of their days and provide commentary on why each of these moments worked (or didn’t). We built on these initial insights by running an online panel, in which we probed a range of listeners about their audio habits and brand awareness, while also asking them to undertake different listening exercises. The panel was followed up by face-to-face workshops and ethnographies around the country where we tested hypotheses, exposed respondents to stimulus and co-created ideas for the development of Radio 1’s strategy.


Working closely with the Radio 1 team, Hook generated insights that shed light on Radio 1’s place in the audio ecosystem and where this could be most profitably evolved in future. This future-facing strategy explored resonant music (and what to prioritise); the type of talent that worked best for R1; and content (both in terms of potential features and the overall Radio 1 genre).