With so much competing for users’ attention, how do you make your ads stand out for your target audience? And – for that matter – do you even know who that audience is? At Hook, we work extensively with commercial sales teams to define target audiences and understand what messages are cutting through. Our strategic research insights have helped companies around the world connect with consumers, grown ads’ brand premiums, and aided commercial teams in the creation of an advertiser friendly story.

Case Study: Shortlist Asks - "What Does it Mean to be a Modern Man?"


ShortList Media asked Hook to explore what it means to be a modern urban man in the UK – the ideas they love, the brands/people they admire, and the content they consume – so that it might gain a better understanding of the varying lifestyles of this demographic and create a product that appealed strongly to the full spectrum of men.


For this project, we utilised our powerful Consumer Consulting workshops. These workshops brought together senior figures in Shortlist Media with real consumers to create a research environment in which the respondents were just as invested in the project as the stakeholders. Running concurrently with these sessions, we spoke with senior stakeholders to understand their thoughts on the current male-focused offering and paired these insights with quantitative sampling and expert consultations.


This research revealed a holistic understanding of the modern ‘manscape’ and where Shortlist Media might best fit within it. Our work on this project allowed us to delineate broad typologies of urban men; showcase these groups’ affinities to the Shortlist brand; and make a strong business case for further advertiser investment. Shortlist continues to use this research to inform its advertising strategy going forward.