From the comments sections of Instagram posts to YouTube reaction videos – there are more places than ever for consumers to express themselves about the products and companies they love. Using social listening tools to identify who are driving these conversations – and the moments that are sparking the most constructive dialogues – Hook is able to grasp the passions of online groups and understand how digital fandom crystallises around people, products, and brands online.

Case Study: Tracking the Impact of Universal Music’s Social Media Marketing


Universal Music needed to understand the scope and depth of the social fandom being constructed around two of their major artists – one a household name, the other a rising star – and how marketing was impacting their reputations online.


For more than six months, Hook tracked the marketing surrounding both musicians and identified key messages that resonated with users on social media. Our work paid particular attention to those materials that built affinity between artists and their fans, and explored the micro-networks that grew around the each of the stars.


Our longitudinal research helped Universal Music better guide their marketing in the social media space; understand how fandom could be constructed around other prominent artists on these platforms; and integrate resonant strategies from social media into their more traditional marcomm activity.