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Hook are a qualitative market research agency, trusted to deliver quality insights for global brands

In our opinion, the best qualitative market research agency embeds themselves in the business needs of its clients, working in a collaborative way to provide clear, and actionable insights that solve real business needs. That’s exactly what we aim to do at Hook Research.

Utilising our deep experience with consumers of all types – from adults through to children – and deploying our blend of classic and innovative qualitative methodologies, we help our clients understand their audiences and grow their businesses.


Expert Moderation

The senior team at Hook are all skilled and knowledgeable moderators, who know how to get the most out of all types of respondents. Whether in-home or in viewing facilities, we know how to moderate sessions in a way that produces nuanced, engaging, and useful findings.

Classic Qual Methods

Focus Groups, Future-Facing Workshops, Quads, IDIs – we do them all! With over 50 years combined experience in the research industry, we have deep expertise recognising when each of these methods is most helpful and knowing how to use each to its greatest effect.

Innovative toolkits

Beyond the classics, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting tools that can help us unlock consumer behaviours and deliver fresh insights. On recent projects these have included: passive tracking; social sharing analysis; VR ethnographies; and WhatsApp forums.


“The team at Hook combine qualities that I look for in an agency: creative approaches delivered on time and within budget. In particular, their jargon free insights have delivered analysis that is actually used within the business, rather than sitting on the shelf.”

Heather Pople – Sky
Head of Content Strategy & Planning


As a qualitative market research agency, Hook are regularly tasked with exploring a wide range of topics: in recent projects we’ve helped BBC Radio 1 better understand the appeal of its brand; shed light on the the obscure worlds of delivery drivers for Just Eat; and worked with Cartoon Network to explore the appeal of a heritage animation brand.

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