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Brand Archives - Hook Research

Brand Archives - Hook Research

Creator Conversations

I’m your number one fan: building impactful fandoms – Stephanie Fried, CMO Fandom

For the latest interview in our Creator Conversations series, we caught up with Stephanie Fried, the CMO at Fandom to chat about the results of their 2020 State of Fandom Report - diving into the impact Covid-19 has had on audiences' use and enjoyment of loved media over the past…
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New Escapism - Covid & the Consumer
Covid & the Consumer

Covid & the Consumer: how lockdown re-wrote the meaning of escapism

Escapism has long been a driving force for consumer behaviours. The need to seek distraction and relief from the unpleasant realities of the world influences everything: from the media we watch and the products we buy, to where we travel. ‘Escapism’ in many ways has become a marketing by-word for…
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Digital Luxury Experiences
Covid & the Consumer

Covid & The Consumer: Access & Exclusivity in Digital Luxury Experiences

Luxury shopping is largely an experiential, tactile, in-shop experience. The personal service together with the look, touch, sound and smell of shops combine to create a sense of exclusivity and specialness. According to McKinsey, millennials in particular are looking for increasingly experiential and instagrammable luxury shopping experiences. However, with non-essential…
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Hook Research - Media Newsletter

Imperfection, Perfect – Hook Media Newsletter (May 2020)

This is the Hook Media Newsletter - a round-up of the most interesting thoughts, insights, and findings about the media landscape compiled by the Hook team each month. You can also get this newsletter delivered straight to your inbox each month - sign up for free by following this link.…
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Secret Messages Behind this Year's Christmas Adverts
Semiotic Analysis

Noëlstalgia: The secret messages behind this year’s Christmas adverts

Hook Research has conducted semiotic analysis for the UK’s leading media brands, digging into the core messages of everything from political news to Saturday night entertainment. We are endlessly intrigued by the hidden meaning within content. In this blog, Lucy (one of our semiotic specialists) explores the semiotic meaning of…
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CMC 2019 - Hook Research - Kids Audio
Hook NewsKids Media

The Future of Kids Audio – a chat with the BBC, Sony Music, & Penguin

Last week we here at Hook Research headed to the Children’s Media Conference 2019 to host a panel that explored the impact of kids audio content – podcasts, smart speakers and audio books – on the youth media space with experts from across the industry. Our expert panel consisted of:…
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Gen Z consumers
Consumer InsightTeen & Youth

The Millennial Anomaly – Gen Z and Gen X are more similar than you think

We’ve all seen the news pieces. Millennials can’t afford to buy homes because of their obsession with avocado toast. Young people nowadays are too busy staring at their phones to maintain a job. Gen Z’s lack of loyalty is causing the downfall of established brand names. Very often, younger generations…
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Red Bull and Grime
Brand StrategyMedia ResearchTeen & Youth

Meet the Clever Clash-ologists: Red Bull and Grime Music

In 2007, David Cameron made headlines by blaming Grime music for knife crime. Ten years later this genre has become a widely accepted part of mainstream British culture. With its new-found popularity, Grime is now ripe for bandwagon-jumping brands: Nike and Adidas, for instance, have all created campaigns in the…
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UK Podcasts 2019
Brand StrategyTeen & Youth

UK Podcasts in 2019: Entering the Mainstream

Earlier this month, Spotify announced an earth-shaking move into podcasting. With its acquisition of Gimlet Media and Anchor – two major players in podcasts – the music streaming service is set to bring pods to a much wider audience. Spotify will reportedly pay $230 million for Gimlet, the largest acquisition…
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Sex Education
Media Research

The United Kingdom of Netflix: Here Comes One-Size-Fits-All Media

Last week, as I was aimlessly scrolling through Netflix, lazily allowing my eyes to pass over Oscar-nominated box office smash here, internationally-acclaimed crime drama there, I came across an original show called Sex Education. This struck me as a rather odd title to begin with – I wondered whether the…
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Each month, Hook's experts create a roundup of hot takes and insights into the Kids and Media industries... for free!

This information will never be shared with third parties.

Each month, Hook's experts create a roundup of hot takes and insights into the Kids and Media industries... for free!

This information will never be shared with third parties.