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3 Big Takeaways from the Women of the World Festival 2019

This year, The Women of the World Festival celebrated its ninth year of highlighting the achievements of women and unpacking the obstacles that stop them from reaching their full potential (you can read a bit more about the festival here). To get involved in this powerful and important conversation, Hook…
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Urban comedy
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Mandem Media: ‘Comedy Has Never Been This Peng’

Mo recently joined our growing team at Hook. In his first blog, he shares his insights into the increasing popularity of what he terms 'DIY Urban Comedy'.  ‘‘All the suit wearing guys in cities can't stand us. They don't understand us. When we speak in slang like this. You get…
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Boxy Girls
Brand StrategyKids Media

Boxy Girls – Unboxing Kids Trends in 2019

With Christmas over and the new year firmly underway, one gift kids have been receiving this festive period represents current kids trends better than any other – Boxy Girls. At first glance, Boxy Girls might seem no different from the innumerable other brands in your average toy shop. Bratz, Barbie…
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Social Media Trends in 2019
Media Research

Fully Transparent & Shoppable? Social Media Trends in 2019

What will be the biggest social media trends in 2019? Hook investigates the innovations that are set to take over social media platforms in the coming year. 2018 has been a transformative year for social media. With mass security breaches, data scandals and world leaders airing their disputes for all…
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Kids MediaMedia Research

Viral kids songs – earworms for adults and kids alike

In the past few years a massive trend has been sweeping across YouTube – Viral Kids Songs. This trend isn’t brand new, of course, as YouTube has been known for its viral content since its launch back in 2005. Iconic videos like Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain and Numa…
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Shoppable Content - Hook Research
Media Research

Amazon’s New Shoppable Content: Innovative or Just Hyped-up Teleshopping?

It is undeniable that product placement is increasingly influencing consumers’ purchasing habits. From Coronation Street to Love Island, it seems hard to get away from brand endorsements and promotional content on TV today. And now, brands are gearing up to integrate the viewing and shopping experiences with shoppable content. Amazon is…
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Social Media Influencers
Brand Strategy

Social Media Influencers – the magic key to solve brand woes?

It's 2018 and the media landscape is unrecognisable compared to what it once was. SVOD services have replaced Blockbuster, Instagram has replaced photo booths and now social media influencers are taking over the celebrity sphere. For those of you that haven't been paying attention, social media influencers are people (or…
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Consumer Insight

3 reasons Twitter Moments stands out as an alternative news source

10 minutes of scrolling through Twitter Moments at my desk this afternoon has given me the breaking news of Samira’s departure from Love Island, an overview of the heightened security around Trump’s visit to London and has shown me a viral video of a girl voguing at London Pride dressed…
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Where to, Britain - Hook Research
Brand StrategyMedia Research

Where to, Britain? – Is Uber’s new branded content a success?

Where to, Britain? is a 6-part documentary series created by Channel 4 and Uber, showcasing vignettes about the ride-hailing app’s drivers and riders – you may have seen one or two of them on All4 or YouTube. These videos have shown up at the end of a contentious year for…
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New and proven media
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Striking a balance between new and proven media in the UK

Houseparty, Snapchat, Podcasts, YouTube - there are many different ways that UK audiences can now consume content and engage with the brands they love. But while brands need to engage with these new and emerging forms of content, they also need to keep one-eye on the past - making sure…
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This information will never be shared with third parties.