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How we work

hook’s 4D methodology

To find your hook, you need a research partner that understands both your own ambitions and your customers. Our 4D methodology allows that to happen, providing a flexible framework to make your project the best it can be.


See your audience in a new light

We’ll work closely with you and your team to map out the world of the audience, blending existing knowledge with Hook insights. With this step, you’ll gain a new understanding of their habits, behaviours and needs. 


Cultural analysis, Social Listening / Diaries / Surveys / Desk research / Data analysis


Ask the right questions

Find out first-hand what your audience thinks. Building a dialogue with the audience to understand what matters to them.


Responsive Panels / Depths / Workshops


Dig deeper into the things that matter

Testing your ideas and finding out what your audiences really think through interactive consultations between you and the people you want to understand (your target audience), we’ll help draw out deep insights.


Responsive Panels / Depths / Workshops/ Focus groups / Ethnography


Turn ideas into action

We’ll create assets that allow you and your team to visualise the results of our research. We look for the best way to communicate findings from graphically designed debriefs, and data led storytelling to brilliant video. Hook will always give you a tangible way to interact with our research.


Videos / Infographics / Personas / Podcasts / Playbooks

specialist focus, flexible approach

Our core specialisms

When we say we have core specialisms, we’re talking about more than the techniques we use.Our vast experience over the years has led to us developing specific core specialisms…


We’re experts at gaining insights into specific audience types, whether it’s uncovering the music lives of under 35’s or how families find content they can watch together.

We have particular experience in youth audiences as well as an understanding of specific fandoms of categories like drama lovers, news & current affairs audiences, and specialist factual programme fans.


We’re the go-to for brand insights. Whether it’s crafting a music label’s identity, helping top streaming services refine their brand, or guiding diverse industries like fashion and finance on brand evolution, we truly understand brands and how they can grow.


We’re hugely experienced in researching specific categories of content. Hook has been trusted by the world’s biggest media owners to help them develop their content strategy in areas from drama, and fact-ent to news & current affairs.


We’re experts in understanding how to craft research exploring how audiences find content.

We’ve helped: the biggest VOD players (form iPlayer to Disney+) see how their platforms are used; assess how content is consumed cross-platform; and produced thought leadership around usage of new tech from smart speakers to AI.


We’re experts at understanding the media landscape and we’re trusted to advise brands on how to develop and position their content to achieve maximum cut-through- from messaging and marketing to brand partnerships.

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